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Live Pencil Artist
Trade Stands & Events
Elevate your event experience by booking me to be your live artist, creating captivating artwork throughout the day while showcasing a stunning, attention-grabbing display..

With a rich history of participating in various events, ranging from local farmers’ markets to prestigious international equestrian shows, my setup consistently garners admiration for its striking visual appeal.

Every detail of my professional and inviting display has been meticulously considered to draw in visitors and extend their stay within the shopping areas. I pride myself on being an engaging and approachable artist, actively interacting with each guest I encounter, ensuring a memorable and interactive event experience.

Having a live drawing artist at your event is essential for adding a unique and captivating dimension to the occasion.

I will bring an element of creativity and interaction that not only engages the attendees but also leaves them with memorable experiences for the whole event. The live drawing process adds a touch of excitement and curiosity, encouraging visitors to spend more time within the event’s spaces.

It’s a fantastic way to boost audience engagement and make your event stand out from the crowd, enhancing its overall appeal and leaving a lasting impression.

I am Insured for 5 million and I require a space of 3mx6m. I am willing to travel to large events throughout the UK.

Email me to discuss your event

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